The difference between these quests is ... one word. The Alliance version blames the Horde, and vice versa.

The reason is that the instances spawned by each side have the opposing faction's forces encased in ice where the book may be found.

Explanation Edit

The questgiver asks you to retrieve a book from The Nexus.

The book can be found on the path leading to Grand Magus Telestra's room. From the instance entrance, follow the path left and you will come to a group of mobs frozen in ice. The ice will break and they will aggro when you move close enough to them. The book will be on the floor and accessible once you clear the mobs.

The placement of mobs in this area is roughly symmetric - the groups start with single mobs, and graduate to 3 at a time.

The Alliance faces horde forces here, and the Horde face alliance forces. In either case, the mobs are a mixture of

  • Berserkers (with a whirlwind attack)
  • Rangers (with ranged attacks)
  • Clerics (who heal)

The center group includes a Horde Commander/Alliance Commander on normal difficulty, or a boss on Heroic:

This commander (either version) can cause fear, and does a whirlwind attack like the berserkers. Standard tactics include pulling him back, so people feared do not aggro the mobs on the other side. The boss can be slain first, or the clerics first, depending on your crowd control and damage abilities.

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