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The Winterhoof Brave has asked you to use The Brave's Machete to dismember 20 Vrykul of the Winterskorn tribe at Skorn.

  • Winterskorn Vrykul Dismembered (20)

Provided Item:

Description Edit

Our elders say that these vrykul may be able to rise from the dead; not unlike the walking dead you call the Scourge, but a different kind of undeath.

We should not take any chances.

Here, take my machete. As we move through this place, carve up the remains of the vrykul that we slay.

I spent the morning sharpening it, so it should cleave even through their thick bones.

Completion Edit

Have you done that before? Your skill with my machete seemed practiced.

<The brave looks at you warily.>

I'll take it back from you now, <class>.


  • 4Gold 70Silver


  • 20100 XP (or 2Gold 40Silver at level 80)
  • 250 reputation with The Taunka

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