Loot 10 Banshee's Bells from the shore of the Thondroril River.


Sorry about that. I was pretty sure you were one of those spider-beasts, doing a bad <race> impression.

How do you do? Gidwin Goldbraids, at your service. I'm in a bit of a hurry back to my caravan, but I was wondering if you might do me one last favor? My pal Fiona runs a small shop, and she could probably use some of these herbs that grow along the river shore.

I'm thinking if we give her some nice herbs, she'll be MUCH less likely to murder me. That's the plan, anyway.


Giddy's got you mixed up in all of this now?


I'll tear that pint-sized paladin to shreds before he... wait a minute are those Banshee's Bells? You brought these for me?

Oh, Gidwin asked you to get them for me! That sweet little guy. Alright. He's off the hook for now.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards
Inv gauntlets 107v2
[Giddy's Old Gloves]
Inv boots mail 15v1
[Thondroril River Boots]
Inv boots leather 12v2
[Treads of Banshee Bells]
Inv gauntlets 118
[Flower Picker's Gloves]

You will also recieve: 50Silver

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