This is the first quest of the series needed for Horde Engineers to specialize in Gnome Engineering.

This quest is only available to Engineers who have not already specialized, and who have a minimum 200 skill in Engineering.

Objectives Edit

If you wish to learn more about Gnome Engineering, take the Manual of Engineering Disciplines to Oglethorpe Obnoticus in Booty Bay.

You will need:

Quest Text Edit

Engineering at the expert level breaks into two disciplines: gnome and goblin. You should be aware of gnome specialization. They make items and gadgets that claim to change the world, but rarely work.

<name>, read this manual. If you wish to learn how to make metal paper weights, then take the manual to Oglethorpe Obnoticus in Booty Bay. Remember - membership is permanent and prevents joining the other discipline, so make sure you are sure before finishing his task.

Progress Edit

Hello there! If you've come about a homing robot that may have smashed through a wall of your domicile, then I will refer you to my barrister in advance. Otherwise, what can I do for you today?

Completion Edit

You've come to learn about gnome engineering, eh? Well, you've come to the right gnome. While the ruling faction of Gnomeregan may use politics to ostracize those they view as an intellectual threat, they know that knowledge is something they cannot control.

They and I both know that when I left Gnomeregan, they lost one of their greatest gnome engineers alive today. If you're a capable student, I'll teach you what I know.

Rewards Edit

Quest progressionEdit

This is part of the series of quests needed to complete Gnome Engineering specialization. Please see that page for more details.

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