Visit the Ferry Dock, the Snug Harbor Inn, the Tradewinds Counting House, and the Flight Master in Tradewinds Market.


I think a proper introduction is in order!

My name is Taelia, member of the Proudmoore Guard and squire of Sir Cyrus Crestfall.

<Taelia salutes firmly.>

Cyrus asked me and Flynn to break you out of that Ashvane prison and get you settled in here at the market, but he neglected to mention that you're with the Alliance.

I must say, it's an honor.

Let's get you up to speed.


Ready to meet the Harbormaster himself?


You will receive:


On accept:

Taelia says: Don't worry about the prison break. Here in the market, you're just another traveler. Now let's get you settled in!

Well Melborne, the Ferry Master:

Taelia says: This ferry connects to stations all along the sound's interior coast.
Taelia says: You'll need a ferry pass from the harbormaster. That won't be a problem.

Tradewinds Counting House:

Taelia says: The counting house is under heavy guard day and night. Feel free to store your valuables here.

Snug Harbor Inn:

Taelia says: The market hosts travelers from all over Azeroth. There are many taverns, but this one's my favorite.
Taelia says: I spend a lot of time in here, pestering travelers to tell me their stories. Especially folks from the Eastern Kingdoms!

Joan Weber, the flight master:

Taelia says: Ah, there's my girl. You must be restless, being cooped up here all day.
Taelia says: Believe me, I know the feeling. We'll fly soon, all right?
Taelia says: Beautiful, isn't she? Cyrus gave her to me when she was just a hatchling.


  1. Alliance 15 [110] Hour of Reckoning
  2. Alliance 15 [110] The Battle for Lordaeron
  3. Both 15 [110] A Dying World
  4. Both 15 [110] The Heart of Azeroth
  5. Both 15 [110] Infusing the Heart
  6. Alliance 15 [110] The Speaker's Imperative
  7. Alliance 15 [110] Tides of War
  8. Alliance 15 [110] The Nation of Kul Tiras
  9. Alliance 15 [110] Daughter of the Sea
  10. Alliance 15 [110] Out Like Flynn
  11. Alliance 15 [110] Get Your Bearings
  12. Alliance 15 [110] The Old Knight
  13. Alliance 15 [110] Sanctum of the Sages & Ferry Pass
  14. Alliance 15 [110] A Nation Divided

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