Gava'xi is a quest given by Zerid, in the Consortium camp in Nagrand.

Objectives Edit

Slay Gava'xi near Oshu'gun and return to Zerid at Aeris Landing in Nagrand


Description Edit

The presence of rogue ethereals in this area might amuse Gezhe, who sees nothing but opportunity wherever we go, but it's a true threat to the security of our operations.

Their leader, Gava'xi, is a dangerous criminal and I've made it my top priority to see to it that he is neutralized.

If you're looking to make yourself useful, go and take care of Gava'xi. I will see to it that you're rewarded properly.

Completion Edit

We won't have to worry about Gava'xi anymore, thanks to you. Let us arrange for your reward now.

Reward Edit

11650 experience

You will be able to choose one of these rewards
Inv belt 32
Inv jewelry talisman 06
Inv weapon rifle 01

And 3Gold 70Silver

Notes Edit

Gava'xi is a solo mob that will actually be quite a distance from the other Etherals around Oshu'gun in Nagrand.

He will be patrolling around a large hill near coordinates [42, 75]
in the South east section of Oshu'gun rather than right next to it like the quest my lead you to believe. You need to clear the hill of mobs and you will see him roaming toward that location from the North.

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