Free Raschal from the Zukk'ash hive. Return to Ginro Hearthkindle in Feathermoon Stronghold and let him know that Raschal is alive and well.


The pod splits opens some when you touch it, revealing a night elven male who is surprisingly still alive. He seems to be in good health, though deeply stunned. As you help him down from the pod, he stirs to life.

"Thank Elune - you've saved me, friend! I... I'm Raschal, and I awoke paralyzed inside this pod after these bugs overwhelmed me. Were you sent by the Stronghold?"

It would seem that you've found the missing courier!


Welcome home, <name>. Raschal checked in just a little while ago and told me what happened.

I... no, the entire Stronghold can't even begin to thank you for your great deed; Raschal would have been dead without your timely aid, and your assistance came to us without even so much as the whisper of a mercenary's fee. You bear the mark of a true hero. Know that you will always have a friend in Ginro Hearthkindle.


On accept:

Raschal the Courier spawns
Raschal the Courier says: Oh man, I thought I was dead for sure. Ugh... still dizzy...
Raschal the Courier says: I can get back to the Stronghold on my own, I think. Now that you bought me some time, I should be able to stealth out of here. Who ever you are... thank you. May Elune bless you always!
The quest completes

Quest progression

  1. Alliance 15 [43] The Missing Courier
  2. Alliance 15 [43] The Missing Courier
  3. Alliance 15 [44] Boat Wreckage
  4. Alliance 15 [44] The Knife Revealed
  5. Alliance 15 [44] Psychometric Reading
  6. Alliance 15 [44] The Woodpaw Gnolls
  7. Alliance 15 [46] The Writhing Deep & Alliance 15 [46] Thalanaar Delivery
  8. Alliance 15 [46] Freed from the Hive
  9. Alliance 15 [46] A Hero's Welcome
  10. Alliance 15 [46] Rise of the Silithid

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