This quest is part of the Return to Thrallmar quest chain. This quest chain starts with Horde 15 [61] Return to Thrallmarω τ ϖ


Nazgrel in Thrallmar wants you to attack Forge Camp: Mageddon and kill 10 Gan'arg Servants and return with the head of Razorsaw.


<name>, we have reason to believe that the easternmost forge camp is not yet complete. The Legion's gan'arg servants are working 'round the clock to get the facility up and running. We can't allow that to happen.
Head east to Forge Camp: Mageddon and slay 10 gan'arg. Bring me the head of their master - Razorsaw - and the Legion's fel reaver production will grind to a halt!


Move quickly, <class>, we've got to shut down Forge Camp: Mageddon before the demons finish its construction!


Well done, <class>, That's one less forge camp we'll need to worry about. It'll take the Legion a while to get that facility back up and running. You've just bought us the one thing we'd run out of - time.


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