Objectives Edit

Vindicator Haylen wants you to slay 20 Dreadfang Widows and then return to him just west of Netherweb Ridge.

Description Edit

When the dreadfang widows attacked our outpost we heard the voice of the naaru calling us to battle. We pursued the creatures into the night. Some of our people we found dead in the dark, others we could hear struggling against their captors.

By morning we had come to this place and we fought a fierce battle but we were beaten. Dreadfang poison will soon take my companions and I cannot last long. Before I die I must know that the dreadfang widows were beaten.

Progress Edit

I can feel the poison flowing through my veins. The naaru call to me, I can see the light. Are the dreadfang widows defeated?

Completion Edit

I heard the sounds of your battle from here, <class>. The sounds of your victory filled my heart with hope. If you can win against such terrible odds, perhaps I can find the strength to drag my companions from this terrible place.

Reward Edit

11000 XP, 6Gold 60Silver
+250 Sha'tar

Notes Edit

A side benefit is that you can collect Netherweb Spider Silk (for Tailoring) and Dreadfang Venom Sacs for reputation with the Aldor.

This quest combines well with

Quest Line Edit

Relatively small quest series:

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