Flash Bomb Recipe is a neutral quest in which engineers receive the schematic for [Flash Bombs]. This quest can only be obtained by engineers who have completed Neutral 15 [37] Pearl Diving, also available from Rigglefuzz in the Badlands.

NOTE: Though you need a 185 skill in engineering to use the schematic, you can complete this quest and receive it as long as you have at least 1 in engineering.

Obtaining this quest

In the Valley of Fangs in the Badlands, talk to Rigglefuzz the goblin after completing Neutral 15 [37] Pearl Diving.

Coordinates: (42,53)


This is simply an extra reward for engineers who completed Neutral 15 [37] Pearl Diving. You need only talk to Rigglefuzz to receive the schematic.


So you're an engineer, eh? Well, for your help in getting me those pearls, here's the recipe for flash bombs.
Good luck, and try not to blind yourself!


Inv scroll 06

Quest progression

  • Neutral 15 [37] Pearl Diving
    • Trade engineeringNeutral 15 [37] Flash Bomb Recipe (Engineering only)
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