This is one of the Undercity daily fishing quests, which can be used to improve cooking skill as well as contribute towards several Achievements.

Objectives Edit

Armand Cromwell wants you to fish up a Severed Abomination Head in Undercity for Master Apothecary Faranell.

Description Edit

There was an... incident... with an orc guard and one of Master Apothecary Faranell's abominations.

Apparently, the Kor'kron Overseer chopped its head clean off and kicked it into the slime.

Faranell's apprentices searched for hours but they can't find the thing. Care to try fishing it up? I'm sure the old fellow'd be grateful.

Progress Edit

You haven't by any chance come across a severed abomination head, have you...?

Completion Edit

Ah! THERE it is! How ever did you find it?

Well, no matter. My apprentices weren't able to recover the head despite hours splashing about in the slime, though they DID recover this bag of shiny things... perhaps you've a use for what's inside?

My thanks.

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You will receive:

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