This quest is a daily quest and increases your reputation with Ramkahen. You can also obtain the Achievement Money achievement Help the Bombadier! by killing 10 Schnottz Infantrymen with one artillery shell during this Daily quest in Uldum at Pilgrim's Precipice. To get this Daily quest you'll have to complete Uldum quest:Fire From the Sky.

Objectives Edit

Weathered Nomad at Pilgrim's Precipice in Uldum requests that you use Confiscated Artillery to kill 100 Schnottz Infantrymen at Maker's Ascent.

Description Edit

Board the Confiscated Artillery and use it to kill 100 Schnottz Infantrymen.

The remnants of Schnottz's organization persist here in Maker's Ascent, making the region deadly to any who draw near.

There's Plenty of ammunition, but without a good spotter, I'm just firing blind.

Hop in and give me a hand here. Those soldiers won't know what hit them!

Rewards Edit

You will receive 10Gold 46Silver

Progress Edit

It's a target-rich environment, <class>.

Completion Edit

The enemy on Maker's Ascent remain a threat, but with your help we've dealt a serious blow to their numbers and their morale.

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