Find Ranshalla is the 2nd quest in the Moontouched Wildkin quest chain.

Objectives Edit

Find Ranshalla in eastern Winterspring.

Description Edit

Yes, yes, these feathers seem to hold the same magical enchantment that I noticed previously... While I am not certain what we might find, I urge you to continue searching for answers, <name>.

A colleague of mine recently traveled into Winterspring to observe the wildkin there, in their own habitat. Why don't you catch up with her and see what she has found?


Hi! Erelas sent you? Great, I was just preparing to travel up to the caves now, and I wouldn't mind company.


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

  • 4350 XP (or 26Silver 40Copper at level 70)

Quest chainEdit

This quest is part of a chain.

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