Ferocitas the Dream Eater is the 2nd quest in the The Emerald Dreamcatcher quest chain.


Tallonkai Swiftroot in Dolanaar wants you to kill 7 Gnarlpine Mystics and find the Missing Jewel.


The emerald... It is missing! My dreamcatcher has been damaged!

There is a band of Gnarlpine mystics located to the north of Starbreeze. I have heard reports that their leader, Ferocitas the Dream Eater has been wearing a necklace that glows green in the night. Now seeing my dreamcatcher, I am sure that he has stolen my emerald... He would never realize that its power is useless to him.

Find this missing jewel, <name>. And, while you're there, clear out some of the corrupted mystics as well.


You will receive: 4Silver 50Copper


Ferocitas and the Gnarlpine mystics must return what is mine. Please retrieve the emerald so that I may repair my emerald dreamcatcher.


Now I can repair my dreamcatcher. Thank you, <name>.


Tallonkai Swiftroot [55.5, 56.9]
is in the top level of the northern building [56.0, 57.5]
of Dolanaar. Speak with him to receive the quest. Ferocitas the Dream Eater [69.3, 53.6]
is north of Starbreeze Village. Defeat him to receive Tallonkai's Jewel. Gnarlpine Mystics can be found around Ferociatas' location, especially at the camp just west of him. [68.6, 52.4]

Quest progression

  1. Alliance 15 [8] The Emerald Dreamcatcher
  2. Alliance 15 [8] Ferocitas the Dream Eater

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