Go to Featherbeard's Hovel and visit the dwarf if he is at home. If he is not at home, search for evidence of where he can be found.


When I am finally granted an audience with Falstad Wildhammer, I hope to have our strongest advocate among the Wildhammer dwarves at my side, <name>. Featherbeard is revered among his people, both for his legendary gryphon training skills and for his wisdom. If anyone can sway Falstad Wildhammer, it is he. I would go to see him myself, except that I cannot leave the confines of Aerie Peak while awaiting my audience. Visit Featherbeard at his residence to the south and ask if he will speak with me.


Featherbeard's journal appears to have a large number of recent entries. Leafing back to the beginning of the latest ones, you begin searching for clues about where he might have gone.


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

Quest progression

  1. A [46] Featherbeard's Endorsement
  2. A [46] In Pursuit of Featherbeard
  3. A [46] Reclaiming the Eggs

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