Bring 4 loads of Lesser Bloodstone Ore to Krazek in Booty Bay.

Quest text

There is a mountain cave in Drywhisker Gorge, far to the north in the Arathi Highlands. In that cave is rare ore: bloodstone. The bloodstone in this cave is not of the highest grade, but even low-quality bloodstone is valuable... to those with the knowledge to use it.

I would like some.

I will fix your crock pot, but while I work on it... bring me samples of bloodstone. Bring me enough, and I'll even give you a bonus.

Oh, and if you don't have the skill to mine it... find someone who does!


Hello, <name>. Did you have luck getting the bloodstone?


Ah, splendid! That was a big favor you did for me.

Here is your payment...


Quest progression

  1. Alliance 15 [37] Krazek's Cookery
  2. Alliance 15 [37] Favor for Krazek
  3. Alliance 15 [37] Return to Corporal Kaleb

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