Farren's Proof is a quest in Hillsbrad Foothills that involves killing Murlocs in The Western Strand.

Objectives Edit

Collect 10 [Murloc Head] from the murlocs on the Western Strand for Lieutenant Farren Orinelle in Southshore.


Details Edit

  • Travel west of Southshore to the Western Strand and kill all types of Murloc to get their heads.
  • If you are a lower level, try fighting the mobs in the water. They are easier to individually pull, as they are spread out.
  • Murloc Heads are infamous for having one of the worst quest-item drop rates in the game. Although the drop rates were increased with The Burning Crusade, the heads still drop at 10-15%.

Description Edit

Would you believe it, <name>?

Redpath wasn't satisfied with all the murlocs we killed -- oh now, don't be modest, you had some hand in it.

Now he wants me to bring proof of the dead, hacking off cold, slimy murloc heads to submit for his approval.

Reward Edit

You will receive: 30Silver

Progress Edit

Did you get those heads for me, <name>?

Completion Edit

Oh for the Love of the Light... they're dripping on the ground.

Can't stand touching those things, myself. Fish are all well and good, but when they grow legs and start walking around...

Haven't eaten a fish in weeks, let me tell you, and in Southshore, that means you aren't eating much.

Quest ProgressionEdit

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