Fallen Sky Lake sends the player after a Moonstone to recover a child's strength.

Objectives Edit

Retrieve a Fallen Moonstone from the Shadethicket Oracle, then bring it to Pelturas in Astranaar.

Description Edit

Relara's fever has passed, but she is still very weak. I do not believe time alone will give her back the strength she has lost. I believe it will take the power of a moonstone.

We used to gather moonstones at Fallen Sky Lake to the southeast... until the Shadethickets came.

Their leader, a Shadethicket Oracle, gathered up all the fallen moonstones and hoards them. Now, you must retrieve a moonstone from the Oracle.

And to do that, I fear that you must slay him.

Progression Edit

Did you face the Shadethicket Oracle, <name>? If so, then please hand me the fallen moonstone. Relara has strength left for only a few more breaths!

Completion Edit

Oh, <name>, you have saved my daughter! I know the power of the moonstone will give back my daughter her strength!

I can never repay you fully for the aid you have given me, but... please, take this. Other than Relara, it is my most dear possession.

Cut scene upon completion Edit

Pelturas Whitemoon crushes the moonstone into a cup of tea.
Pelturas Whitemoon says: Here you are, Relara. Drink this...
Relara Whitemoon says: Mmh... my eyes are not so heavy now, father. Can we go out and play?
Pelturas Whitemoon says: Relara... you're awake?
Pelturas Whitemoon says: Rest now, my daughter.
Pelturas Whitemoon looks at <name>, and then weeps with joy.
Pelturas Whitemoon says: Relara is saved, <name>. Thank you.

Rewards Edit

Your choice from among:

Notes Edit

The Oracle can be found on an island in the middle of Fallen Sky Lake at coordinates [66, 82]
. You will probably need to clear a few other creatures before you can get to the Oracle safely.

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