Rescue Flynn from the Ring of Booty.

  • Enter the Ring of Booty
  • Untie Flynn
  • Survive Harlan's game


Someone must have recognized Flynn and ratted him out! A bunch of Irontide thugs dragged him off to the Ring of Booty for a "special audience" with Captain Harlan Sweete.

Flynn doesn't like to talk about this, but he used to captain his own crew. With Harlan as his First Mate.

The two had a falling out after a messy job and Flynn lost all taste for freebooting. Just disappeared one day.

Harlan took the nastiest of the crew and formed the Irontide Raiders.

In other words; it's personal.


You will receive: 23Gold 40Silver

Inv smallazeriteshard
125x [Azerite]


I'm so sorry, <name>. I came as fast as I could!


  • 16,450 XP



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