Read the Etched Note and speak to Lanka Farshot in Red Cloud Mesa.


Just a moment ago a messenger was looking for you, <name>. I believe she was sent by the hunter trainer Lanka. If this note is from Lanka, I wouldn't take long in reading it's contents.


Welcome to Camp Narache, <name>. I hear good things about you. Your bloodline is strong, and many of the elders consider you skilled already. But that we will test. The plains of Mulgore will be your home for sometime--you should do your best to learn it very well. One day you will travel to unfamiliar lands to master greater skills. You must be ready.


And it is my job to make sure you are prepared by teaching you the basics of our profession--how to tame your pet, how to fire your rifle, and many other skills that will become necessary. Hunters are a strong part of our tradition and history, <name>. You would do well to remember how important you are to the tribe. You will be respected and revered if you serve our people well.


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

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