Envoy to the Mag'har returns the adventurer to Outland to help out the Mag'har any way they can.

Objectives Edit

Thrall wants you to return to Gorkan Bloodfist at Mag'har Post in Hellfire Peninsula and offer him your services.

Description Edit

I'd leave for Outland this very minute after hearing the news you brought. Important matters require my attention in Durotar, however.

I will arrange for a fitting tribute to be sent to the Mag'har immediately. I will send my most trusted diplomats as well. This will all take time... I need someone to represent us there right now.

I must place my trust on you, <name>. Go to the Mag'har Post in Hellfire and render whatever services you can to my kin. Do not fail me, <name>. Too much depends on this.


They are now awarded from Quest:The Mag'har as this quest has been removed.

Inv chest cloth 39
Inv chest chain 06
Inv pants 04
Inv misc bandana 01

Completion Edit

It means very much to us that you come to aid us in our time of need. We'll not easily forget you nor he who sends you.

You have our thanks.


Completion of this chain makes the short quest chain from Earthcaller Ryga available. It also gets you neutral with the Mag'har.

As of 4.0.1, this quest is no longer available. Quest:The Mag'har now gets you neutral with the Mag'har.

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