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Read the Encrypted Memorandum and speak to Solm Hargrin in Coldridge Valley.

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While you were helping me out, this memorandum was given to me to pass on to you. Take some time to read it when you have a chance. I'm thinkin' it came from the rogue trainer Solm. Take a gander at it and go find him inside Anvilmar when you've a chance.

Progress Edit

Glad to see you got my note and came over. Sorry about pretendin' it was a memorandum from your higher-ups... no offense intended. I just knew the two of us, along with others of our kind, gotta stick together. Not many think it's the best thing in the world to have your kind and my kind holed up in the same city, but I think we can work things out just fine. What do you think?

Completion Edit

I pretty much keep to myself around here so we don't get a bad rap for things gone missing, but if you need anything, some training or somethin', just come back anytime. You and me got an understandin'. We know when it comes down to it you can only trust family... and that's just what we got going on here, isn't it? Regardless of Gnomeregan being... overrun, and whatever else is thrown our way, we got one another to back each other up. Right?

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Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

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