Kill 4 Razormane Quilboars, 4 Razormane Scouts, 4 Razormane Dustrunners and 4 Razormane Battleguards for Gar'Thok at Razor Hill.


When we arrived, the Razormane quilboars possessed much of the land, and proved a thorn in our sides. Through our efforts we have driven out the largest part of their numbers, but still they remain well-fortified in some areas.

It has gone on long enough, however. For our own protection, we cannot allow the Razormane any hold in our lands. Their camps can be found to the west of here. Look for the brambles and you will find them. Today we drive them from Durotar, tomorrow, perhaps from all of Kalimdor.


To find the Razormane, head west on the road out of Razor Hill. The Scouts and Quilboars are located at (43,47) to (44,50) south of the road, and the Dustrunners and Battleguards are located (44,41) to (45,41) north of the road.

You may come across a rare spawn Quilboar named Geolord Mottle among the Razormane Quilboars and Scouts. She should not be too difficult to defeat in single combat, but does tend to heal often.


Though they do possess some intelligence and some organization, I find it constantly amazing that the quilboars were able to capture and hold so much territory in Kalimdor. Perhaps they are more crafty an enemy than I give them credit for...


I will pass along word that the quilboars have been removed from their lairs, and that their structures may be set to fire. The removal of the Razormane from Durotar brings us closer to fully securing the borders of our new homeland.

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