Demolisher - Elves in the Machine - War of the Thorns

One of the demolishers.

Objectives Edit

Sabotage 5 Horde Demolishers in Blackwood Den[45, 81]
  • Horde Demolishers sabotaged (5)

Description Edit

The Horde have already set up camp here. But we can still strike back.

Their war machines are terrible to behold, but they are still machines. And machines do not work well when you go in and hack up a bunch of their inner workings.

If we can sabotage but a few of them, that could mean dozens of lives saved.

Let us make the most of this opportunity.

Completion Edit

We have done what we can here. Come, we must finish the mission.

Rewards Edit

You will receive:

Dialogue Edit

Upon Delaryn's appearance:
  • Captain Delaryn Summermoon says: After you, <name>. If you would like me to incapacitate any of them, just say so. But... quietly.
  • Captain Delaryn Summermoon says: The furbolgs are normally a peaceful tribe. Being ousted from their home must have sent them into a frenzy.

Progression Edit

Part One
  1. Alliance 15 [110] A Short-Lived Peace
  2. Alliance 15 [110] The Horde Uprising
  3. Alliance 15 [110] A Disturbance in Ashenvale
  4. Alliance 15 [110] The Light of Elune / Alliance 15 [110] Knives of the Forsaken
  5. Alliance 15 [110] A Soft Glow
  6. Alliance 15 [110] Hidden Amongst the Leaves / Alliance 15 [110] Mercy for the Mad
  7. Alliance 15 [110] Garden Grove
  8. Alliance 15 [110] Enraged Furbolgs / Alliance 15 [110] Elves in the Machine
  9. Alliance 15 [110] The Wake of Something New
  10. Alliance 15 [110] Azerite Denial / Alliance 15 [110] No Horde Allowed
  11. Alliance 15 [110] Malfurion Returns
  12. Alliance 15 [110] "Rock" The World
  13. Alliance 15 [110] Long Away
  14. Alliance 15 [110] A Looming Threat
Part Two
  1. Alliance 15 [110] A Threat from the North
  2. Alliance 15 [110] Rescue Effort / Alliance 15 [110] Defending Lor'danel
  3. Alliance 15 [110] Action This Day
  4. Alliance 15 [110] The Guidance of Our Shan'do
  5. Alliance 15 [110] A Flicker of Hope
  6. Alliance 15 [110] From the Ashes...

Notes Edit

  • Delaryn appears and offers this quest as soon as players step into Blackwood Den while working on Enraged Furbolgs.
  • Delaryn keeps players stealthed so long as they remain within the Den. Stay in stealth as much as possible, as there tend to be tight packs of mobs. Even if this quest is turned in, Delaryn will stay with the player so long as they have not turned in the furbolg quest above.
  • Each demolisher will typically have a single goblin engineer with it. It is suggested to use Delaryn to incapacitate the goblin, then set the timer. The ensuing explosion will kill the goblin and destroy the demolisher.

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