Elune's candle is an artifact of great reverence to the disciples of the Lunar Festival. Stored within the candle is true moonlight, ready to be unleashed!

This light is harmless to most creatures, but you will find that Omen and his minions are burned and dazzled by it.


Very well then - I accept these coins of ancestry. Please take Elune's candle with my blessing. Also, please enjoy these complimentary fireworks.

May your Lunar Festival be joyous and filled with merriment, <name>.

And if you choose to face Omen and his minions, you will find Elune's candle quite useful...


You will receive:
Inv musket 02
[Elune's Candle]
Inv box 02
[Lunar Festival Fireworks Pack]


This quest only appeared during the Lunar Festival.

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