Objectives Edit

Apothecary Lydon of Tarren Mill wants 10 Gray Bear Tongues and some Creeper Ichor.

Items needed:

Quest Text Edit

Ah, another wretched day in Tarren Mill. All of this clean air puts me in such a foul mood, <name>.

The sooner we can plague the humans here, the better. I've been conducting intense studies on possible killing agents to use in my concoctions but I haven't the time to collect them all.

If you want to make yourself of use, procure the following items for me: 10 Gray Bear Tongues and the very rare and hard to find, Creeper Ichor. You'll find both bears and creepers just outside of Tarren Mill.

Details Edit

  • The tongues drop off the Gray Bears found throughout Hillsbrad Foothills.
  • The ichor has a small chance to drop off any Moss Creeper in the region.

Reward Edit

You receive: 1Silver 50Copper

Quest progressionEdit

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