Prerequisites Edit

Must have completed Elixir of Pain.

Objectives Edit

Apothecary Lydon in Tarren Mill wants you to feed the Elixir of Pain to Stanley.

Quest Text Edit

Ah, nothing like the smell of fresh blood in the foothills!

Now we'll mix in a touch of this and a little of that and let the real fun begin! What I have created with this blood, I like to call an Elixir of Pain. If my calculations are correct this concoction could be the start of something very beautiful for Lady Sylvanas. But what we need is a test.

Take this elixir out to the northern farm in Hillsbrad Fields to the southwest. Let's see how Farmer Ray's little dog Stanley likes this "treat."

Details Edit

  • Stanley is outside the large house on the north side of the fields. After completing the quest, he transforms into a level 24 wolf. Make sure to kill him, as he's worth about 700 experience.

Quest ProgressionEdit

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