Objectives Edit

Ha'wana at Dubra'Jin needs you to collect 12 Gundrak Raptor Eggs.

Description Edit

How ya doin', mon? Thinkin' ya might be helpin' me out? Bah'Kini be needin' lots o' the raptor eggs to be sacrificin' to Dubra'Jin.

How ya thinkin' we not be overrun yet by the Drakkari? Dubra'Jin be lendin' us his aid!

We need ya to gather up the raptor eggs from around the trees outside here in Gundrak. Sometimes the raptors carry 'em to keep 'em warm, too.

Progress Edit

Who woulda thought the great Dubra'Jin be wantin' so many eggs? What he gonna do with them anyway?

Completion Edit

One, two, three,... hehe, that be a good number o' them, mon! Now we be safe for quite some time!

Gains Edit

  • 21400 XP (or 12Gold 84Silver at level 80)

Notes Edit

Search around bases of trees near Gundrak flight point.

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