Of the Razormane tribe, kill 8 Water Seekers, 8 Thornweavers and 3 Hunters, and then return to Thork in the Crossroads.


All the quilboars are our enemies, <name>. Some just prove to be more of a nuisance than others.

The Razormane tribe has been attacking our supply lines from Durotar, causing us no end of annoyance. I have scouts seeking the leader of these raids, but until then, any losses you can inflict on the filthy pig men would aid us.

Start in the northeast towards Durotar. You can always tell their dens from the huge thorny vines that come up from the earth. Seek them out, and slay them.


The longer it takes to stop these attacks, the harder it will be to provide supplies for the people of the Crossroads.


You have done well, <name>. Those insolent quilboars will finally learn that the might of the Horde is not to be ignored.


90-900 XP


The Razormane Quilboars you need to kill are to the east and northeast of Crossroads. They will be in large numbers along the northwest side of the mountains east of Crossroads.

Completion of this quest will allow one to receive the next quest in the series, Horde 15 [15] The Disruption Ends.

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