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Speak with Tammy Tinkspinner[69.4, 19]

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The dark blade of Sargeras has cast a shadow of destruction over this land. It seemed that the silithid hives were destroyed in the attack, but I have received reports that the silithid are returning. We need to find out how the silithid avoided destruction and what effect the blade is having on their hives. The crown wants the surviving silithid dissected and studied. Tammy Tinkspinner is conducting the research and is need of a "collector."

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You're here to collect the samples? Let's get started!

Rewards Edit

You will receive:

  • 1650 XP
  • 1Gold 94Silver

Progression Edit

  1. Alliance 15 [110] Summons to Stormwind
  2. Alliance 15 [110] Gifts of the Fallen
  3. Alliance 15 [110] Witness to the Wound
  4. Alliance 15 [110] Free Samples / Alliance 15 [110] It's a Sabotage (optional)
  5. Alliance 15 [110] The Twilight Survivor / Alliance 15 [110] A Wee Bit O' Cloth (optional)
  6. Alliance 15 [110] A Recent Arrival
  7. Both 15 [110] The Speaker's Perspective
  8. Alliance 15 [110] The Blood of Azeroth
  9. Both 15 [110] The Speaker's Call
  10. Both 15 [110] The Power in Our Hands

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