Defile Uther's Tomb and return to Mehlar Dawnblade at the Bulwark in the Western Plaguelands.


There, that's better. I've added a little fel magic to it.

Now, you must take it to his resting place in the Western Plaguelands. Use the corrupted holy symbol in the presence of Uther's statue to defile his tomb! You'll have to get close for it to work.

To find the tomb go southeast of the Ruins of Andorhal. Return to me when the deed is done.

Be quick about it, <class>!


The Bulwark is actually located in Tirisfal Glades on the border with the Western Plaguelands.

Uther's Tomb is located at (52,83) in the Western Plaguelands. There is one Alliance NPC flagged as PvP who wanders in the tomb, High Priest Thel'danis, a level 58 (not elite). You need to equip the Corrupted Mark of the Lightbringer to use it; it has a 30 second cooldown before it can be used.

The priest wanders in and out of the tomb, wandering around the statue then halfway down the colonnade. If you can kill the priest, fine (you will be PvP flagged when you attack him). If you don't want to, wait until the priest is down the colonnade before using the Mark. (Using the Mark doesn't flag you.) He pauses in the colonnade long enough for you to sneak into the tomb, use the mark, and sneak out.

You use the Mark on the pedestal in front of Uther's tomb and statue - it contains the description of the tomb (written in Common). You have to be near the pedestal to use the mark, and it takes 20 seconds to use it.

When you use the mark, the ghost of Uther Lightbringer appears and talks to you. This is what he says:

Why do you do this? Did I somehow wrong you in life?
Ah, I see it now in your mind. This is the work of one of my former students... Mehlar Dawnblade. It is sad to know that his heart has turned so dark.
Return to him. Return to Mehlor and tell him that I forgive him and that I understand why he believes what he does.
I can only hope that he will see the Light and instead turn his energies to restoring once-beautiful Quel'Thalas.


It is done, then? Uther's Tomb is defiled?


Forgives me? He FORGIVES ME?!!!

I don't care what that old ghost had to say - it was his fault! Everything that's happened to Quel'Thalas was a result of his incompetence!

It is clear that the defiling did not work. Go, be gone from my sight! I must think this through.

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