The Rifle the Bodies (Alliance) / (Horde) quest chains must be complete before Afrasastrasz will offer this quest.

Objectives Edit

Afrasastrasz at Wyrmrest Temple has asked you to slay 3 Azure Dragons, slay 5 Azure Drakes, and to destabilize the Azure Dragonshrine while riding a Wyrmrest Defender into battle.

Description Edit

Emboldened by the overabundance of magic now flowing through the Azure Dragonshrine, the blue dragonflight has dared to attack Wyrmrest Temple itself!

I ask that you ride one of our defenders into battle to slay their dragons and drakes, and to attack the eruption of ley line energies at the dragonshrine itself in order to destabilize it.

Outside on the east and west terraces are wyrmrest defenders. Speak with one to ride it into battle.

Without your help, <name>, we will surely lose.

Rewards Edit

You will receive: 5Gold 60Silver

Progress Edit

How fares the fight? Are we pushing them back?

Completion Edit

Incredible! Let me just say that I continue to be amazed by what you younger races are capable of.

We are indebted to you. Will you come back and help tomorrow?

Quotes Edit

The Wyrmrest Defender may say any of the following:

  • When mounted:
Wyrmrest Defender whispers: We've been expecting you, <name>. Now we have the upper hand.
Wyrmrest Defender whispers: Where to first?
  • In battle(?):
Wyrmrest Defender whispers: Malygos has clearly gone insane.
Wyrmrest Defender whispers: Just hang on. We'll get through this.
  • Enemy killed:
Wyrmrest Defender whispers: Nice one, kid.
Wyrmrest Defender whispers: Another blue down. We make a great team!
  • Health low:
I need to heal!
We should get out of here. I need to heal!
  • ?
Wyrmrest Defender whispers: With you and I working together, this battle will be over in no time.
Wyrmrest Defender whispers: I've never seen anything like this before. I'm glad that you're here.

Quest progressionEdit

  1. Neutral 15 [74] Report to Lord Afrasastrasz
  2. Neutral 15 [74 Daily] Defending Wyrmrest Temple

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