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Help defend the Rebel Camp for three minutes.

  • Help Defend the Camp

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We are in trouble here, <name>. Your troll friend has been through here and warned us that things were going to get serious, but I didn't think it would be this bad.

We are doing our best to hold off these trolls. But any help you can offer would greatly help.


Thanks for giving us a bit of a breather, <name>.

Like I said before, your troll friend was here for a small amount of time. He warned us and then left.

James Stillair helped get him to his next destination, maybe he can help you out.

Good luck out there, <name>.

Rewards Edit

You will receive:

  • 16Gold 54Silver
  • 69400 XP


  • This is the only point in the chain where you will have the benefit of using a flight path. Just head to the flight master at the camp to continue on.
  • Shortly after the fighting begins, Bloodlord Mandokir appears and offers some taunting words.
  • This is a purely timed event. For those classes that tend to be a bit on the weaker side, wait for the attacking trolls to come to you and stand in the center of the camp. After your timer bar (in the bottom, center portion of your screen) fills up, the quest is complete.


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