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Board the Sanitron 500 to begin the decontamination process.

  • Complete Decontamination Process

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You've been down here in Gnomeregan for a long time, <name> and it's amazing that you've survived and kept your wits so long! We need to get you out.

Before we can send you to the surface to join the rest of the gnomes, you have to go through the decontamination process. Just cross the room in front of me and the system will do the rest. It shouldn't even hurt... much.

When you're all done, check in with Technician Braggle and he'll make sure you get some suitable gear.

Progress Edit

I bet you're feeling better already.

Completion Edit

There, now you're fit to head off to the surface and start your new life. The High Tinker will be delighted to hear of your arrival.

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You will receive:

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To the east is a room full of various gnomish gadgets... Sanitron 500s with Dunk-o-Matic Action, Clean Cannon X2s, and tesla coils galore! Hop in the Sanitron 500 and it will complete the decontamination process.

Sanitron 500 says: Commencing decontamination sequence...
The Sanitron yanks the player up into the air and moves foward to enter line of sight of the Clean Cannons, which will take pot shots blasting the radiation off!
S.A.F.E. Technician says: Ugh! Not this again! I'm asking for a new station next expedition...
Sanitron 500 says: Decontamination complete. Standby for delivery.
Sanitron 500 says: Warning, system overload. Malfunction imminent!
The sanitron explodes, dropping the player safely on the ground. Distraught, a different S.A.F.E. Technician runs over to look at the wreckage.
S.A.F.E. Technician says: No, not the Sanitron... it was my pride and joy!

Suitably decontaminated and free of the queasy green glow, walk forward to speak with Technician Braggle.

Progression Edit

  1. Alliance 15 [1] Pinned Down
  2. Alliance 15 [1] Report to Carvo Blastbolt
  3. Alliance 15 [1] See to the Survivors
  4. Alliance 15 [1] Withdraw to the Loading Room!
  5. Alliance 15 [2] Decontamination
  6. Alliance 15 [2] To the Surface
  7. Class quests
  8. Alliance 15 [2] Meet the High Tinker
  9. Alliance 15 [2] The Fight Continues
  10. Alliance 15 [2] A Triumph of Gnomish Ingenuity
  11. Alliance 15 [2] Scrounging for Parts
  12. Alliance 15 [2] A Job for the Multi-Bot / Alliance 15 [2] What's Left Behind / Alliance 15 [2] Dealing with the Fallout
  13. Alliance 15 [3] What's Keeping Jessup?
  14. Alliance 15 [3] Get Me Explosives Back! / Alliance 15 [3] Missing in Action
  15. Alliance 15 [3] Finishin' the Job
  16. Alliance 15 [3] One More Thing
  17. Alliance 15 [4] Crushcog's Minions / Alliance 15 [4] No Tanks!
  18. Alliance 15 [5] Staging in Brewnall
  19. Alliance 15 [5] Paint it Black
  20. Alliance 15 [5] Down with Crushcog!
  21. Alliance 15 [5] On to Kharanos / Alliance 15 [5] Bound for Kharanos

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