Talo Thornhoof in Camp Mojache wants Edana Hatetalon's Dark Heart.


Edana Hatetalon is the queen of the Northspring harpies that reside in the ruins to the west. She is pure evil; I have heard that her heart is one of crystal. She is void of any emotion aside from the hate she feels towards all others. You must face Edana and bring me back her dark heart.

I have heard of a horn that harpies carry -- blowing it by the Hatetalon stones, in the northern part of the ruins, will summon the queen.

Imagine her surprise when it is not her kin calling her, but her death.


The hate that Edana spreads across the land must be stopped.


Now I know that Edana is truly dead. This heart; I will keep it in memory of what did here for me, <name>. Thank you.


Hatetalon Stones

Hatetalon Stones

You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv gauntlets 18
Inv belt 26



You kill harpies in northwest Feralas until they drop the Horn of Hatetalon. The horn must be used near the Hatetalon stones, which are in the north-eastern edge of the ruins. They are two tall conical stones with a path running between them, and lanterns lining the path. The stones don't show a name when you hover over them.[40, 9]

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