Objectives Edit

Marcia Chase in Dalaran City wants you to bring her 10 Terrorfish.

Description Edit

The best fishing is often the most dangerous. Wintergrasp boasts a bountiful catch for the brazen.

In fact, it's the only place to catch the fabled Terrorfish - a fish both lethal and delicious. Bring me some, and we'll have something to discuss.

Rewards Edit

You will receive:
Inv misc bag 07 blue
[Bag of Fishing Treasures]

Progress Edit

Be on your guard when you're after the Terrorfish.

Completion Edit

My, my, my! You caught yourself some Terrorfish. Why, that remindes me of the time...

<Marcia regails stories of adventure and fishing for as long as you're willing to listen.>

Notes Edit

  • When you enter Wintergrasp, you will be PvP Flagged. (It will remain for 5 minutes after you leave Wintergrasp.)
  • Wintergrasp is a contested zone, even where the factions are normally at peace (PvE realms). Fishing in Wintergrasp is indeed dangerous! Fish in-between battles to avoid most enemies. Battles occur about every 3 hours and last up to 30 minutes. The timer can (with patch 3.1.0) be seen on the map.
  • Your faction does not need to control Wintergrasp to complete this quest.
  • This quest is part of the Chasing Marcia Achievement.

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