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Find Cuergo's gold!

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This map shows a stretch of beach with a southern face. Below the map are words, elegantly written... South of Wheedle
South of home
Find a mast and flag and bones
Dig you there, if you be bold
Dig and claim Cuergo's gold!
A key you'll need and a key you'll see
The men you face take blood as fee.

Reward Edit

You receive
Inv box 01

Progress Edit

This chest is locked!

Completion Edit

Captain Cuergo's hidden treasure awaits!

Notes Edit

The mast you must search, an Inconspicuous Landmark, is located in Land's End Beach [54, 95.0]
, the southermost tip of Tanaris. When you search the mast five level 45 Treasure Hunting Pirates appear. If you flee, they will guard the mast for a short period of time. You should, in fact, do this the moment you finish inspecting the mast, as they will spread out, making it possible to take them on one by one. The key to the chest drops from one of them.

Second Opinion and other notes (perspective L46 Mage): Potion of water-walking or similar will make getting there much quicker. The surrounding mobs are L48-L50, and quite dense but can be cleared long enough if this is done economically. The mix of pirates may be variable, two L45 and three L44 seemed most common. If you start running the second you trigger the spawn you will avoid any initial aggro/not be in combat, however, contrary to the above experience they remain quite tightly clustered and all aggro as a group. They revert to this behaviour after being kited also. The 'nearest' graveyard is Southmoon Ruins and thanks to the intervening mountain chain a run back will take 8-10 mins. This seems to be longer than the reset/despawn timer, so a kamikaze reduction of their numbers is unlikely to be fruitful. At L45/6 (when you might typically get this quest) classes that aren't strong against groups will find this a tall order to solo. You might also consider that the rewards may be quite nugatory.

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Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

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