This is one of the Orgrimmar daily cooking quests, which can be used to improve cooking skill as well as contribute towards several Achievements.


Catch 10 Muddy Crawfish in Orgrimmar. Deliver the crustaceans to Marogg when you are done.

Muddy Crawfish (10)


There are a number of small lakes scattered around Orgrimmar. These lakes fill up with crawfish every year. That's where you come in, <name>. I need you to catch some of those delicious crustaceans and return to me when you are done. Assuming your catch is successful, our Horde army will feast tonight.


You will receive: Money (scales by level)
+2 Cooking Skill
[Chef's Award]


Were you able to dig up some crayfish?


Ugh, I never liked cooking these slimy things. Thanks for the help <name>.

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Part of Money achievement Let's Do Lunch: Orgrimmar, which itself is part of Money achievement A Bunch of Lunch (Horde). Can contribute to 5 Daily Quests Complete et al. and A Simple Re-Quest.

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