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This is one of the Thunder Bluff daily cooking quests, which can be used to improve cooking skill as well as contribute towards several Achievements.


Help the inhabitants of Thunder Bluff make cornmeal by pounding bowls of Corn Kernels.
Corn Kernel (6)


One of Thunder Bluff's most important staples is cornmeal; bowls of corn may be found in nearly every home.

With so many of the local mills under constant attack by harpies, gnolls, reckless mining companies and Earth Mother knows what else, I often ask my students to help with the task of grinding corn into cornmeal.

Would you care to help?


You will receive: Money (scales by level)
+1 Cooking Skill
[Chef's Award] x2




Much work is required to grind enough cornmeal for everyone's needs. Thank you for your help, <name>.

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Part of Money achievement Let's Do Lunch: Thunder Bluff, which itself is part of Money achievement A Bunch of Lunch (Horde). Can contribute to 5 Daily Quests Complete et al. and A Simple Re-Quest.

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