Prerequisites Edit

No prerequisites.

Objectives Edit

Bring 15 Blood Amber to Arathandris Silversky in Felwood.

Items Needed:

Quest Text Edit

Plants give life to Felwood, yet even they suffer the taint of corruption. I know ways to cleanse them, but I cannot give out such knowledge to those I don't know or trust. Prove to me that you will truly aid the cause of the Cenarion Circle!

To the north lie the Irontree Caverns. The Warpwood elementals present there are now beyond hope of cleansing. I ask you to bring me their sap - blood amber it is called - so I may study it in the hopes of saving other forms of life here.

Details Edit

The Irontree Caverns is located in northern Felwood. Dessecus, Warpwood Moss Flayers, and Warpwood Shredders drop the Blood Amber.

Reward Edit

No rewards.

Quest ProgressionEdit

Additional Notes Edit

Completing this quest allows you to collect various quest items that can be turned in for Cenarion Plant Salve, which is used to cleanse the plants throughout Felwood.

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