Kill 12 Bluegill Murlocs. Slay Gobbler and take his head. Bring Gobbler's head to Karl Boran in Menethil Harbor.


Murlocs are crawling out from the deep waters and building their villages on the coastline. They are harassing our fishers and merchants and must be stopped.

One of these murlocs, Gobbler, skulks with the other bluegill murlocs and harries merchants along the road, always then retreating to the safety of the nearby murloc hovels. Our merchants are in jeopardy, and we will pay to secure them.

Gobbler prowls the river inlet north of here. Find him, slay his kin, and bring me his head.


Our merchants will not be safe until we are rid of Gobbler and those Murlocs.


Ah, well done <name>.

Accept this payment for fullfillment of your contract with the Merchant Marines.

Quest progressionEdit

  1. Alliance 15 [22] Claws from the Deep
  2. Alliance 15 [25] Reclaiming Goods
  3. Alliance 15 [25] The Search Continues
  4. Alliance 15 [25] Search More Hovels
  5. Alliance 15 [25] Return the Statuette
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