Call to Arms (2) is the third step in the Hammer May Fall quest chain that starts with Tallow in Tarren Mill.

Objectives Edit

Kill 10 Boulderfist Brutes and 4 Boulderfist Magi, and return to Drum Fel in the Hammerfall outpost.

Description Edit

Your strength is evident, <name>. Now to see how you fare against a real enemy.

The Boulderfists have a lair to the southwest of here towards the dwarven bridge, and, if I'm not mistaken, the maulers and magi there shall present to you a greater challenge--they have done so to us thus far.

Slay as many as you can and come to me in body when you are successful, or come to me in spirit when you fail. I shall give praise to your tenacity in battle either way.

Completion Edit

You are as strong as a kodo, and your lust for battle does your people proud.

Quest progressionEdit

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