There are multiple versions of the Call of Water quest!

These quests are available to shamans at level 20 and reward the [Water Totem] and [Healing Stream Totem].

Shaman quest - Horde

This is the quest chain to attain the Water Totem for Horde side. (For Alliance, see the not-yet-written explanation below.) The quest starts at each major shaman training area (see above). It doesn't matter where you start it; they all send you to Islen Waterseer, south of Ratchet. Islen sends you to the southern Barrens to find Brine. Brine has you grab some water from a pond nearby and return it. Then she has you go to Tarren Mill to get water from their well. Once you bring that back, she sends you to Ashenvale [33, 67]
for more water. You bring that one back and she sends you back to Islen (south of Ratchet). Islen sends you to Silverpine (!), to a water shrine there [38, 44]
, to kill a mob. Then you go back to Islen and turn it in, and you're done. Finally.

Shaman Quest - Alliance

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