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Find Kodo Rock and drink the Earth Sapta.

A sapta is a drink created to bind our spirits to the elements. Fused with magic, the potion will allow the open minded to see the elements as no one has seen them before. Your spirit will forever be tied to the element the sapta was created for, and only a select few of our kind know the secrets of its creation.

The sapta is always imbibed in a holy place, and never anywhere else.

Seek out the shaman shrine to the east of here and drink of the sapta.

Provided: Earth Sapta

Reward Edit

  • 20-180 XP

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Notes Edit

  • Kodo Rock can be difficult to find. The rock is a huge pillar of rock, but due to the way World of Warcraft draws objects, it won't fade into view until you are close to it. You should be able to head east from the well near Camp Narache and go straight to Kodo Rock. If you have a way to display coordinates, Kodo Rock is at 53,80.
  • Once you get to Kodo Rock, you must drink the Sapta to complete the quest. Talk to the Minor Manifestation of Earth to start the next quest.
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