Obtain Lord Overheat's Fiery Core.


I'm well-versed in first aid and other forms of healing, and with the help of my [Lightwell] I've been able to nurse many of our men back to full health. The problem we still have is that it's so cold and damp down here that I'm losing them anyways, despite healing their wounds.

The quakes angered the elements that reside in the prison... when they erupted out of the earth they slaughtered half of the prisoners. If you slay their leader, Lord Overheat, and bring me his core I can use it to warm our men!


You will receive: 67Silver


Do you have the core? Our men are dying in here!


Thank goodness! With this fire, our men will live through this ordeal!

Thank you so much, hero.


Pick up The Good Ol' Switcheroo and The Gnoll King before entering the riot. Take a right at the fork (heading east) and down to the big room.

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