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Bread and Circuses is the beginning of a chain of quests which pits players against a series of arena gladiators at the Ring of Trials in Nagrand, on the alternate-timeline Draenor. This particular quest, the beginning of the chain, is picked up just outside an Alliance 15Alliance or Horde 15Horde player's outpost in Nagrand after it has been fully constructed.



Hey, <mister/lady>, this crumb-bum won't let me in. Interested in some cold, hard cash?

My boss is promoting fights at the Ring of Trials. You look like you could hold your own.

You should go fight.


Hey there, bub. Lucy sent you? Good kid.

Yeah... you look like you'll do nicely.


Upon completion of this quest, players receive

  • 1480 experience

Quest progression

1. Both 15 [98] Bread and Circuses
2. Both 15 [98] Ring of Trials: Crushmaul
3. Both 15 [98] Ring of Trials: Raketalon
4. Both 15 [98] Ring of Trials: Hol'yelaa
5. Both 15 [98] Ring of Trials: Captain Boomspark
6. Both 15 [98] Ring of Trials: Roakk the Zealot

Patch changes

Warlords-Logo-Small Patch 6.0.2 (14-October-2014): Added.

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