Bring 8 vials of Warp Chaser Blood to Sab'aoth at Cosmowrench.


The blood of the warp chasers in this area is a powerful and rare reagent. It's one of my biggest sellers. Normally, I take my imp, Zeppit, out to help me gather it. Warp chaser blood is simply too caustic to be handled safely by you or I, but it doesn't bother Zeppit. Things are getting busier here at the shop, so if I send Zeppit with you, will you help gather the blood? Zeppit's attention tends to wander, so you'll need to be close to the chaser when it dies for Zeppit to do his work.


You will receive:4Gold 10Silver


Did Zeppit cooperate enough for you to get all the blood I'll need?


This should prove a large enough supply for my needs. I hope the imp didn't give you too much trouble. He has a bit of a nasty mouth on him.


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

  • 12300 XP (or 7Gold 38Silver at level 70)


Zeppit will only collect 1 Blood per battle. AoEing 8 Warp Chasers in one go will only result in 1 collection of blood. It is unknown if this is a bug, or the way it's meant to be.

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