Magistrix Larynna wants you to go to Manaforge B'naar and obtain a Bloodgem Shard from a Sunfury Magister. Use this shard near the larger Bloodgem crystals and return to her at Area 52.

Completing quests for the Scryers will cause your Aldor reputation level to decrease.


Kael's magisters have refined their usage of mana crystals to the point where they can siphon large amounts of energy in a matter of seconds.

They do this by attuning smaller bloodgem crystal shards to larger, fully charged ones.

Go to Manaforge B'naar and obtain one of these shards from a Sunfury magister and use it to siphon energy from one of the larger crystals.

Return to me so that I may study the effects of the aura. Do not worry; any side effects should be temporary.


+250 Scryers faction

-275 Aldor faction

12000 xp and 3g 90s


11g 10s at level 70.


Hmmm... just as I suspected.

Exposure to this level of raw energy greatly magnifies our innate addiction to magic.

I'm not surprised Kael gets away with what he does; all his subordinates are basically drunk on this.


Here is a conversation between Gezhe and a Consortium Nether Runner at Aeris Landing.

Consortium Nether Runner says: "Word from Netherstorm, Sir. Stop all bloodgem imports; client has reneged payments."

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