Bring 5 [Bloodfen Feathers] to Brogg at Mudsprocket


Are you startled by Brogg's presence here, little <race>? Don't worry. Goblins at Mudsprocket are Brogg's friends and you can be too.

Brogg left Brackenwall Village when new overlord not take revenge against black dragonkin for destroying old home and killing many of Brogg's old friends. Brogg come here to lay friends spirits to rest and avenge them, but Brogg need help preparing. For ritual, Brogg need feathers with strong magic, like the ones worn by raptors at Bloodfen Burrow to the west of town.


<Brogg looks at you hopefully.>

You bring Brogg feathers?


<Brogg accepts the feathers.>

Brogg pleased with these feathers. Very strong magic. Brogg not know what raptors do to give feathers power, but raptor feathers always best for ritual.


You will receive: 45Silver

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