Knight-Captain Drosche on the Skybreaker has sent you to kill 20 vrykul in Ymirheim.

  • Ymirheim Vrykul (20)


Those vrykul of that have gained the favor of the Lich King call themselves the Ymirjar. They inhabit a city in the center of Icecrown. We have a lot of preparations to make before we assault Icecrown Citadel, and the one that stands before us now is routing these so-called "Chosen" of the Lich King.

Go to their city, Ymirheim, and slaughter them in their home. Let there be no questions as to who the stronger combatants are here.



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Any Vrykul within Ymirheim (except for the Val'kyr in the Saronite Mines) will count for this quest, including the ones that jump you while doing Assault by Ground (Alliance).

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